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prof. Vesna Crnojević-Bengin
special award granted by the European Commission at "Marie Curie" Actions

Dr Vesna Crnojevic-Bengin received Dipl. Ing. degree in telecommunications and electronics from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia in 1994, and MSc degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia in 1997. She received PhD degree in electronics and microwave engineering from the University of Novi Sad in 2006.

Dr Crnojevic-Bengin joined Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, in 1998, where she has been elected Assistant Professor in 2006 and Associate Professor in 2011, introducing and teaching a number of courses in the field of microwave engineering. She is the leader of the research Group for Artificial EM Materials and Microwave Engineering, GAME, and the co-founder of the BioSense Center at the University of Novi Sad, a multidisciplinary research center devoted to application of ICT in Earth observation, agriculture, forestry and ecology.

She is the coordinator of two FP7 and two EUREKA! research projects, as well as participant in several other FP7, COST and national research projects. She has authored or co-authored more than 70 conference and journal papers and two books. Since 2008, Dr Crnojevic-Bengin has been representing Group 11 in the General Assembly of the European Microwave Association. She is the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Electronics, published by Taylor & Francis, member of several international Technical Program Committees, and reviewer for a number of leading scientific journals. Since 2010, Dr Crnojevic-Bengin has been appointed member of the Board of Directors of the Innovation Fund, founded by the Serbian Ministry of Science and Technological Development.

Dr Crnojevic-Bengin is the recipient of the special award granted by the European Commission at Marie Curie Actions for an Innovative Europe: Excellence, mobility and skills for researchers in December 2010 in Brussels, Belgium, as well as the recipient of the Yugoslav Microwave Theory and Techniques Award for Scientific Contribution in 2005. Her main research interests include design of sensors for agricultural and environmental applications, design of microwave passive devices, and artificial electromagnetic materials.

Member of IEEE and EuMA. Fluent in English. Married and has three children.



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